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Your interior life just got a whole lot deeper.


Mi casa es su casa.


Geek out on our equipment. Explore our stash of props.

Work comfortably with an advanced ventilation system

and unique floorplan that allows crews to maintain distance

in “pods” while staying connected to the shoot. All in a space

that’s the perfect blank canvas to stage your film and print interiors. And bring your beautiful creativity to the exterior. 


Garage doors roll up easily for load-in and load out.

Heated concrete floors allows for rolling dollies and equipment around smoothly. Open floorplans let you shoot from any angle. Wraparound mezzanine gives you a place to work

while keeping an eye on the production below.

Ample space keeps everyone safely distanced.

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rent stuff here, geeks

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

Still Photo Gear

Stills cameras + 

strobe lighting

list coming soon
Video Camera

Video Gear

Motion cameras+ continuous lighting 

list coming soon
Film Slate Marker


Pop up tents, chairs,

tables, PPE, etc...

list coming soon
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soon you'll see

a curated collection

of props from our

favorite designers


trust us. it's worth the wait 

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