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A vision spun from dreams.

And held together by cobwebs.


I’ve made pictures my whole life.

With a camera and with my mind.

My very first studio space was the spare bedroom of

the house I grew up in. For awhile after that, it was

aboard a Herreschoff schooner in the USVI.

My studio was wherever I was and, for a long time, that was good.

But I was always searching for my creative home. 


When we first drove by this place, it was quite literally

falling apart. I looked out the car window and knew

deep in my bones I had found it.


We stepped inside. The floors were actually squishy

under our feet, but it felt more like an adventure than a red flag.

I had just celebrated my 50th birthday and this rundown duplex seemed like the perfect project for my next chapter. with a ton of hard work, love and support from my partner of 30 years turned general contractor, the year long transformation began.


As we peeled back the layers of bad construction, we realized

there was little beyond cobwebs holding it all together.

We had no choice but to pull the structure down

and expose a new dream.


One with blue sky above; fresh, bare earth below

and airy nothingness in between.

Leonard Cohen said, There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. i worked with architect John Wingfelder who helped me shine a bright light through the cracks to create a space from air and earth and sky. And possibility. Yours, mine and ours. 

~Rhea Anna (

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